Creating a model of the Pantheon

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Creating a model of the Pantheon

  • Hey,
    For one of my school projects [Latin III] we have to build a model or write an essay about one of the wonders of ancient Rome. I have decided to make a model of the Pantheon and i am not sure how i am going to be able to put it all together.

    I was thinking along the lines of wire mesh to create the actual form and then maybe plaster or clay or something along those lines to make the dome and building. I was also hoping to make it so i could open it up [like a book] so you can see the inside [how it is supported and such]... i know thats pretty ambitious so i will probably decide not to do that, but if you think its possible for someone who has moderate modeling skill then i will try to do it.

    So in conclusion, i want to know what materials / method would be best to create this structure. If you have any suggestions they are always welcome.

    Thanks a bunch

    by the way im not looking to make it huge or extremely intricate... so basically in my mind right now im planning to build it about the size of like three 8.5 x11 inch sheets... i dont know thats just a general idea and im sure i will change alot of stuff as this progresses [if i dont scrap it entirely] thanks again.
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  • i would try sculpting a high-density foam facade. then painting it. but thats just what i would do, what you feel more comfortable doing may be different.
  • If I were to do a model of the building, the first thing I'd do is try to get a good set of plans/drawings... it takes a lot of the guesswork out, and helps make sure everything ends up in proportion.

    The structure seems to have three main components:
    * Walls: I would look at using foam core (styrofoam laminated between two pieces of cardboard; it's sold in sheets and it's also sometimes used to make those booths used for science fair projects). If that's not available, I would go for plain styrene, or if that's too expensive, cardboard.

    * Dome: Your best bet is probably to find a ball of similar desired radius, and then cut away part of it to make the dome. The mesh and plaster route could work too, though I would try to adapt a strainer/sieve rather than try to form a curved structure from a flat piece of mesh.

    * Columns: I would start with with dowels or plastic tubes.

    In general, try to get the overall shape first. Save the nitty gritty details (column pedestals and tops, engravings, etc) for the end. That way you don't end up with highly detailed columns and nothing else.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions, im going to go out and buy some materials soon so ill look for the foam and see if i could work sucessfully with that. I'm not looking to make it extremely detailed or anything, as long as i can make it look nice and not like a piece of abstract art i will be happy. Thanks again,

  • if it is for scool, I wouldn't get that worried about it that much. JUst use styro.
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