Tamiya 1/48 scale P-51B

Paul Mahoney
Larchmont, New York

A friend gave Paul some ICM decals “so I could build something with my wife’s name on it,” says Paul. That turned out to be Tamiya’s 1/48 scale P-51B. “This was my first attempt at natural metal,” he says. He modified the decals to match his references, added brake lines and seatbelts, and used a punch-and-die set to make a rearview mirror from aluminum foil. No word on how his wife liked the plane.

Posted 4/1/2011 2:37:53 PM by Megan McChain
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  • re:Tamiya 1/48 scale P-51B

    Excellent work. Seeing model like this always inspire me to buy thye same kit and try (try!) to build the model like yours.