'Space 1999' Moonbase Alpha hangar - October 2012

Mike Walston, Bradenton, Florida

Mike modified AMT/Ertl’s “Space: 1999” Eagle by cutting open the framework, adding stamped-metal steering rockets to the command module, and making additional engine piping from heavy-gauge wire. The landing gear undercarriage was made from plastic struts and cocktail straws. Mike says, “After doing some research (watching DVDs) on how to display my Eagle in a more dynamic setting, I found a couple of shots showing the ships being moved around the Moonbase Alpha hangar with overhead cranes.” Mike scratchbuilt the crane from 1/16" plastic stock, heavy-gauge wire, and parts from his spares box; the assembly is supported by a 1/8"-thick aluminum bar and fitted in an 8" x 12" base. The red-striped Rescue Module, plain, white Passenger Module, and an extra Command Module round out the scene.

Posted 9/20/2012 11:10:15 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • 'Space 1999' Moonbase Alpha hangar - October 2012

    Mike, that's an outstanding job you did with diorama!

  • 'Space 1999' Moonbase Alpha hangar - October 2012

    Excellent work!!  Few people know how much work it takes to get this kit from "fair" to "great" but you've done so admirably!

  • 'Space 1999' Moonbase Alpha hangar - October 2012

    very cool

  • 'Space 1999' Moonbase Alpha hangar - October 2012

    What a great model! You've captured all the right stuff in a compact setting. Reminds me of the eighteen months I spent at Moon Base Alpha back in 2437, cleaning out zero-gravity toilets.