Academy 1/350 scale HMS "Warspite" - November 2012

Jose Luiz Dalmiglio, Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil

“The model depicts HMS Warspite as she was in 1940,” says Jose. “Despite building more than 200 kits, including many sailing ships, U-boats, torpedo boats, flying boats, and others, this was my first attempt at a battleship. I chose her because she was the most-decorated ship in the Royal Navy.” Jose assigned L’Arsenal figures to Academy’s 1/350 scale ship, used Tamiya paints for basic colors, and applied Vallejo paints for washes and dry-brushing.

Posted 10/19/2012 4:13:40 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Academy 1/350 scale HMS "Warspite" - November 2012

    Jose,  really nice job on the Warspite.  I love the look of these British battleships and the Queen Elizabeth calss had really nice lines.  I've been wanting to build this particular ship for some time and your model serves as an inspiration.  Thnks for sharing, best regards, Brian

  • Academy 1/350 scale HMS "Warspite" - November 2012

    What a beautiful job! Thank you for sharing. I was reading about the HMS Warspite on Wikipedia and decided to look at more images. Thanks to Google I found this - muy bonita!