1/48 scale Soviet KV-2 diorama - November 2012

Daniel Buchmeier, Portland, Oregon

A captured Soviet KV-2 heavy tank dwarfs a German Kübelwagen in Daniel’s 1/48 scale diorama. The vehicles and figures are mostly Tamiya; Daniel used a Hauler photoetched-metal set on the KV-2. He writes, “Somewhere on the Eastern Front, a commander surveys a map while the tank commander nervously awaits instructions while standing in a behemoth target.” The groundwork is based on plaster and Sculptamold, which was also used for the snow; hairspray is the adhesive for a baking-soda layer of snow. The trees are model railroad items from Grand Central Gems; the signpost was sawed from a chopstick.

Posted 10/19/2012 4:18:43 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • 1/48 scale Soviet KV-2 diorama - November 2012

    nice work