Forced perspective Doolittle raid diorama - December 2012

Phil Mahar, Kenmore, New York

“I call it a mixed scale commemorative,” says Phil of his forced-perspective view of a Revell 1/63 scale Doolittle B-25 over Trumpeter’s 1/700 scale USS Hornet. “The models are painted with Testors rattle-can and brush colors and Humbrol brush acrylics. The base is Rust-Oleum navy blue. FSM provided plenty of know-how, including mounting aircraft on dowels, scale weathering, and the wonders of Pledge Future floor polish. I am looking forward to donating this project to a local veterans’ organization.” 

Posted 11/26/2012 10:23:56 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Forced perspective Doolittle raid diorama - December 2012

    Beautiful! But to be accurate, the Doolittle B-25's had totally black propellers; no silver hubs or yellow tips. I'm doing an Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B as the "Ruptured Duck" to go along with my vintage Revell USS Hornet.  I can see I am going to have to give my old flattop some extra detailing to come up to your display standard!  Well done!

    -A Doolittle Raider fan

  • Forced perspective Doolittle raid diorama - December 2012

    Wow! Nice work! Now you've got me wanting to do one like yours. :) I love your idea of donating it to a local veteran's organization. I may do so myself one day to show our appreciation to our vaterans.