Academy 1/35 scale M50A1 Ontos - December 2012

Tommy Kosciuk, London, Ontario, Canada

Building Academy’s 1/35 scale American M50A1 Ontos, Tommy, 12, writes, “I used the kit’s photoetched-metal parts to detail the exhaust and more. For the tracks, I drilled through the hull and used a thin, metal wire to hold them in a realistic sag. As for the paint, I used Tamiya acrylics to give it a nice custom green color that is close to olive green; a homemade dark brown wash brought out the details.”

Posted 11/26/2012 10:30:35 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Academy 1/35 scale M50A1 Ontos - December 2012

    This is a cool kit. I was in Korea on holidays a few months ago and I got one of these in a Seoul hobby shop. I was surprised at how small the Ontos was! Nice job Tommy.