1/380 scale Ile de France - January 2013

Stanley Ross, Columbus, Ohio

“I’ve wanted a model of the Île de France since sailing on her in 1952,” Stanley says. “Of course, none is available. But my son recently found plans for it on the Internet, so I decided to build it from scratch using basswood, balsa, styrene, and brass. The model is 1/380 scale and depicts the ship as she was in ’52. It was a great learning experience that took nine months, and now I am on an ocean liner kick. Next up: the Liberté.”

Posted 12/21/2012 4:04:41 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • 1/380 scale Ile de France - January 2013


  • 1/380 scale Ile de France - January 2013

    Stanley,  really nice job.  LOve the wake and bow waves as well as the wooden base.  I really enjoy liners as well, I just finished a 1/300 scale QE2 (Ile de France and QE2  were comeptitors) and had a lot of fun building her, although  drilling out what sems like a billion port holes gets tedious.  My next liner will be the Britannic (sister to Titanic and Olympic) and I'm going to do her up in her WWI Hospital Ship livery.  Thanks for posting you work it helps keep me inspired to do more liners.  Best Regards, Brian