USS 'Enterprise' NCC-1701 (A-E) - April 2013

Benjamin Konczal, Westchester, Illinois

“USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (A-E)” is what Benjamin calls his achievement of a long-desired modeling goal. He writes: “I always wanted to model all of them this way, but it would have been nice if they weren’t all huge! Let’s face it, if you build the Enterprise D to scale with some of the Enterprise A kits out there, the saucer section would be about 3' wide. So when the AMT/Ertl Cadet series came out, I was pumped — and then disappointed to discover they were being released so slowly. It took forever.” Benjamin scraped off most of the raised, molded detail on the ships for greater scale fidelity, applied Testors enamels, and painted nearly all the markings in lieu of decals.

Posted 3/14/2013 11:31:06 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • USS 'Enterprise' NCC-1701 (A-E) - April 2013

    Very cool. I'm just starting on the Enterprise Incident myself. Itty bitty pieces for the fiber optics!

  • USS 'Enterprise' NCC-1701 (A-E) - April 2013

    I built all these before the aztec pattern decals were available so I feel your pain on painting all that in at this scale. I also managed to find at a swap meet a Japanese pre-built NX-01 in the same 1/2500 scale. The aztec paint was very well done, so all I had to do with that one was add the foil and magic marker to simulate the various engine glowie bits. 2 flat-top Enterprises in white metal were close enough in scale at 1:2400 to complete my set.