"The Man from Planet X" - May 2013

Karl Machtanz, Portland, Oregon

“The model depicts the alien being from the 1951 movie ‘The Man from Planet X’,” says Karl, who built Geometric Designs’ 1/6 scale figure. “When I first saw this movie in 1955, I wanted this model; when I finally found it, I just had to light it up like in the movie. The kit is solid resin, which made modifications difficult. I had to drill through the main body to install wires for lighting the chest box. I made a new chest box and frosted cover from sheet styrene, scratchbuilt electronic guts, and put a power switch on the box. The air hose was solid resin; I retained the shutoff valve but replaced the hose with 3/32" O-ring material.”

Posted 4/25/2013 10:30:17 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • "The Man from Planet X" - May 2013

    Karl, Fantastic job. I always liked this movie. You did a great job with the lighting it really makes the kit!

  • "The Man from Planet X" - May 2013

    rob44 : Thank you, it's a fun kit by itself but I like challenges and this was a fun one I wish they made more figure alien models from the old classic sci fi movies that can be lit up by modelers.  Karl

  • "The Man from Planet X" - May 2013

    One of the worst movies ever, but you have one of the best kits ever. How did that Happen?

    Great work

  • "The Man from Planet X" - May 2013

    Very cool.

  • "The Man from Planet X" - May 2013

    Excellent! I have this kit in my To Do pile because it's rather rough. But you did an outstanding job!