1/72 scale S-boat - May2013

George Choksy, Alma, Michigan

George writes: “This mostly scratchbuilt U.S. S-boat is based on Combat Models’ 1/72 scale vacuum-formed hull. I used everything I have learned from 30 years of subscribing to FSM. The conning tower and deck are built from styrene sheet, rod, and tubing as well as wood and brass.  Each open hatch is scratchbuilt from 12 hand-made pieces; the crane and torpedo are built from basic materials plus a little bit of Gold Medal photoetched brass for HO scale trains. Kelsey Irland-Wright took the photo.”

Posted 4/25/2013 10:40:36 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • 1/72 scale S-boat - May2013

    Nice Job!

  • 1/72 scale S-boat - May2013

    Wow, George, I'm impressed.  I know a lot about the S-Boat (I have the blueprints from Floating Drydock) because it was featured in a stillborn novel I was writing a decade ago.  I tried the resin 1/350 Yankee kit, it was a huge challenge, but this, now this impresses me.  I'd love to see more photos.

    Ned in Vegas, IMPS lifer #5544