Trumpeter 1/32 scale P-47N - May 2013

Al Edwards, Olga, Washington

Al, 76, writes: “I am an old Braniff captain/copilot/flight engineer. My dad soloed me at 16 and I was his right hand at our airport in Bayport, N.Y., on Long Island — a grass field. Since 1996 I have been embroiled in a project to build a model of every aircraft — all factions — utilized in World War II (about 275). I have finished about 195 so far.” One of those is Trumpeter’s 1/32 scale P-47N.

Posted 4/25/2013 10:47:01 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Trumpeter 1/32 scale P-47N - May 2013

    Very nicely done, Al, the finish looks perfect and the build is first rate. I'm 73, retired Northwest Cpt, in Oregon. Soloed at 16, grass strip in Wisconsin, T-Craft BC12-D, 65hp if I recall. Maybe 100mph in a  descent with power, but I thought it was the most fun possible on Earth at the time.

    My efforts are not quite as ambitious as yours, still have 140 in collection, not likely I can finish before Father Time finds my address.


  • Trumpeter 1/32 scale P-47N - May 2013

    Nice job!   Where do you display your 195 models?  You must have a big room!

  • Trumpeter 1/32 scale P-47N - May 2013

    I enjoy wwII aircraft as well I would love to see more pics of your collection

  • Trumpeter 1/32 scale P-47N - May 2013

    Hi Al, my daddy would take me out to the airport at Hampton watch the airplanes. I would have been soloed at a young age too, but I lost daddy at 4 years old. But I still remember going to the airport. At the time I didn't know what kind of plane I saw first. But I remember it's shape, it was an old C-47. A lot those were sold off after the war, and were used as air freight haulers. I think that the DC-3&C-47's were one of the most significant air craft built,"Oh", sorry I tend to ramble on.Your P-47-N looks great, You should build a diorama of that air field all 1/32 scale. Well model on my friend!