Trumpeter 1/700 scale 'Admiral Hipper' - June 2013

Michael Migliaccio, Charlotte, North Carolina

Using Trumpeter’s 1/700 scale kit, Michael depicted the German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper steaming toward Norway in Operation Weserübung in April 1940. He painted the ship with Testors Model Master enamels and Tamiya acrylics and lightly weathered with Winsor & Newton artist’s oils. Michael’s model sails in a sea of Liquitex gloss heavy gel medium mixed and painted with various tones of black, blue, and ocean green Master’s Touch acrylics.

Posted 5/17/2013 1:25:54 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale 'Admiral Hipper' - June 2013

    I would have loved to have seen more photos. Its a beautiful ship model.

  • Trumpeter 1/700 scale 'Admiral Hipper' - June 2013

    Very realistic water & excellent ship model! Would like to know more about your water technique.