1/350 scale USS 'Duxbury Bay' - June 2013

Carl Musselman, Omaha, Nebraska

Carl used photo effects in Corel PaintShop to make his photo of a 1/350 scale USS Duxbury Bay (AVP-38) look like an old color transparency. He based his build on the Iron Shipwrights resin kit of the USS Mackinac (AVP-13). “It’s the only model that I have found of these little Barnegat-class AVPs,” he says of the small seaplane tender. “My father served on the Duxbury Bay in 1952 and 1953 while it was one of three white-painted AVPs serving as flagships for the commander of the United States Middle East Force. This is my fifth Barnegat-class build, but it was very different from the first four. I used mostly custom-made parts I either modified from the Iron Shipwrights kit or scratchbuilt and cast in resin.”

Posted 5/17/2013 1:30:07 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • 1/350 scale USS 'Duxbury Bay' - June 2013

    One aspect you captured well is the realistic photograph, something that should be considered part of the hobby.