Panther G Late, 1946 - June 2013

Richard Hobbs, Tracy, California

We’ve heard of “Luft ’46,” but what should we call this? “Postwar Panzerkorps”? Richard took his Academy 1/25 scale Panther over the top and says it’s a “Panther G late, 1946,” armed with a TL81/88 cannon.” While he was at it, he installed makeshift appliqué armor, wood skirts, Tiger running gear, and what looks like a searchlight from an M48 or M60. The figures are from Model Cellar.

Posted 5/17/2013 1:45:06 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Panther G Late, 1946 - June 2013

    That is really nice. Well done '46 project and innovative use of materials for protection.

  • Panther G Late, 1946 - June 2013

    Thanks for the idea. I'll have to see what a Konigs Tiger 2 '46 would look like.