Kentic 1/35 scale M109A2 - June 2013

Harry Piaskowski, Ra’anana, Israel

Harry writes: “This is Kinetic’s 1/35 scale M109A2 modified to depict the Israeli ‘Doher’ (Galloper) in which my son served in the Israel Defense Forces. It’s my first attempt at scratchbuilding and kit modification after 40 years of modeling; also, a first time for using resin aftermarket parts (Legend IDF machine guns).” Harry finished with Testors and Humbrol enamels, Tamiya acrylics, artist’s oils, and pastels.

Posted 5/17/2013 1:47:11 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Kentic 1/35 scale M109A2 - June 2013

    Harry. Tov Me od. Are you a member of AMPS Israel? OKB makes a 1/72 scale M-109A2. Thought I might use it for and IDF version. How hard is it to bring  a M 109A2 up to IDF standards? Joel, in Chicago