Forces of Valor 1/72 scale Tiger - June 2013

Sasha Demes, Hill Spring, Alberta, Canada

Jared Demes, Sasha’s older brother, writes: “When my 16-year-old brother ran out of yellow, he resorted to painting his Tiger German gray. I had read an article by Federico Collada on weathering with acrylics. Sasha decided to give it a try. Even my dad was amazed at the results. It’s a simple 1/72 scale Forces of Valor Tiger tank that is the pride of Sasha’s collection. Now I can't keep him away from the airbrush.”

Posted 5/17/2013 1:48:20 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Forces of Valor 1/72 scale Tiger - June 2013

    Amazing results, especially for something so tiny. Too many modelers make the white camo look like it was a perfectly uniform, factory applied job. Photos from WW II show that the crews slapped the whitewash on in a hurry, and it usually looked pretty sloppy. On your next photo, try using a slower shutter speed and smaller f stop: the greater depth of focus will make the shot look even more real.  This is a great photo.