GEOmetric Designs Ymir - January 2014

Paul White, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I love this monster and this kit!” says Paul of Geometric’s Ymir from the 1957 film “20 Million Miles to Earth.” 

Posted 11/25/2013 12:47:50 PM by Tim Kidwell
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  • GEOmetric Designs Ymir - January 2014

    great job.....excellent shading

  • GEOmetric Designs Ymir - January 2014

    I saw the movie at the theater when i was a kid. I felt so bad for the Ymir. I wondered what colour he was. I saw a Famous Monster mag, and my Ymir was on the cover and he was Green, hence that's why he is this colour. Thanx FSM.

  • GEOmetric Designs Ymir - January 2014

    Finescale has an article on how to make eyeballs out of clear sprue..I always wanted to try that technique on a monster model..I mainly make armor,but this trick is cool and would be neat on a monster...essentially,you round off a tip of clear sprue,polish it,then cut a slice about a 1/8 of an inch,flatten out the back side,then paint iris,cornea ,etc,on back side,turn over and you have a deep looking eyeball that really guy in past issues[try researching it] did a dinosaur that blew my mind..he also made tiny teeth out of triangles of styrene..making a nice toothy grin....keep up the good work and thanks for the friend request.

  • GEOmetric Designs Ymir - January 2014

    Thank You, everyone who likes my Ymir. It's really nice to have my peers like my work. Thank You, Paul