Tim Ellis, Heidelberg, Germany

Tim writes: “After purchasing Academy’s 1/35 scale M1151 uparmored HMMWV, I backdated it to model the version my unit (TF Phoenix) had in Afghanistan in 2007. The conversion involved three modifications: scratchbuilding new gunner’s shields, an IED countermeasures system, and the air intake. I made the shields from sheet styrene and bent them to the correct shape with the help of a hairdryer. Our vehicles were equipped with the MMBJ system to jam radio-controlled IEDs. To replicate this, I moved the angled bracket provided for the kit’s Duke system from the right to the left side and added two small antennas. I corrected the air intake using the tall version in the kit (instructions referenced the part for the U.S. Marine Corps version, but Army versions in Afghanistan used them also). I assembled the rest of the kit according to the instructions and painted it with Testors Model Master desert sand. I applied minimal weathering to show a dusty, newly fielded vehicle. The TF Phoenix decals were supplied by the kit.”