Shawn LeBlanc, Burlington, Vermont

Shawn’s 1/35 scale Ardennes diorama features a King Tiger, figures, and motorcycle from Tamiya. Shawn weathered with artist’s oil washes of raw umber and lamp black, AK Interactive and Mig filters and washes, and Mig’s Europe dust and rubble dust pigments. The metal road wheels, machine gun barrels, and motorcycle received touches of gunmetal rubbed with graphite. Shawn writes: “In 2004, my wife got me a subscription to FineScale Modeler magazine. In the magazine was an ad for a 1/35 scale Tamiya Tiger. I have been hard at modeling ever since, dreaming of the day when one of my efforts would be regally displayed by FSM. Many of the techniques I used building this model came from articles in the magazine. The only modifications to the kit were engine-deck screens I made from a fine wire mesh.”