1/72 USMC "Deuce" Mojave In-Box pic .

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1/72 USMC "Deuce" Mojave In-Box pic .

  • Hi everyone , I got this Special Hobby CH-37C "Deuce USMC" Mojave in the mail today and I thought I would post an In-Box pic of what's inside . This version has the lower tail planes on each side of the rear fuselage , however there are no holes in the fuselage for the correct location of the tail planes , the instructions show the tail planes in line with one of the fuselage panel lines . Anyway I like the look of the kit , a little expensive but I'm glad I bought her . Smile [:)]

                                                      Kind regards John .


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  • Looks pretty good.  I may have to get one.  Good luck with it and keep us posted.

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  • John, I have the Army version of the kit and it has both types of stabilizers on the sprues, imagine yours is the same.  Here is the best side view I have of a Marine aircraft to show the location and arrangement of the movable stabilizers, looks like they have relaxed to the hover position on this one.



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  • WOW thanks for the pic , I dont have a lot of reference info on the Mojave so I've copied the pic into the computer , along with some other's rotorwash posted . Sadly one of my CD disc's isn't working , It has lots of images of diferent types of Huey's and Cobra's , I hope I haven't lost them permantly Sad [:(] . Thanks again for the pic .

                                                        Kind regards John

  • I saw one built a couple of weeks ago.  It was a quick job without a great deal of attention to fit abnd finish so it was fairly easy to see where there may be problems.  The biggest thing that I noticed was a bit of a fit problem around the cockpit glass; otherwise, it seemed to be a decent kit.



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