MRC/Academy 1/35 UH-1C Huey "FROG"

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MRC/Academy 1/35 UH-1C Huey "FROG"

  • Hey Just got a kit of the above and was wondering if anybody has built it and if they had some pics of their builds. The only thing i dont like about the whole helo is the turrent on the front/nose. Arround what timeframe did they start using the turrent in the Vietnam conflict?
    RobertBig Smile [:D]


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  • It was developed in 1962 by the Springfield Armory with delivery starting in 1966 from the prime contactor General Electric
  • One more thing fellas?
    Does anyone have the instructions for how to assemble the minniguns on this beast.
    I notice the minniguns come in this kit and i personally think they are a better option.
    If anyone out there has the instruction for assembley of the guns i would like to have a peep at them???
    Thanks You Kindley


  • Robet
    check your e-mail and let me know if it came through alright
  • Hey John
    Nothing yet in my inbox.
    Here is another email address
    It would be good if it works because i really want to set the miniguns up on the Huey
    Thanks Very Much


  • Robert
    will try again
  • so you aren't the only one who wants to build the Heavy Hog UH-1C. LOL your going to need to cram the 7.62 mini gun ammo crate in with the 40mm ammo drum to accomplish this at least the ammo belts are flexible for this but I want to do mine with the 19 shot pod. Too bad Academy didn't release a version with the twin 60 turret on each side now that would be a cool bird

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  • Hey Jonh!!
    Nothing yet.
    Mike , no need for me to put the 40mm ammo drum in as the bird i am building diddnt carry the "Thumper"
    Thanks Again


  • Robert
    sent you an e-mail outlining the problem I had, please advise
    HUEY's never carried both mini-guns and 40mm and rockets, toooo much weight, standard configuations were either two mini-guns and two 7-shot rocket pods or the 40mm and two 19-shot rocket pods. Even then they did not always carry a full ammo load and still they had to make running starts down the runway to get airborn
  • Hey John,
    Got your email with instructions attached,
    only one thing though? These instructions you gave me are for the main rotor assembly and cabin area.
    I was chasing the assembley instructions for the actual armament area and for the miniguns assembly. Is there a section on your instruction sheet outlining this?
    If so could you try again to send this part of the insrtuctions to me?
    Sorry for the inconvinence..
    Thanks Again


  • Hey Mike,
    Here is a pic of Shark #170 "Ace Of Spades"
    This is the Helo i am trying to represent

    Thats what mine will look lik!!!!!!!!
    Well lets hope so?


  • So here's the question!

    Is the MRC/Academy the same as the "Seminar" model kit of the UH-1B/C??

    It has both tails, both horizontal stabs, but only the fairing for the C.

    It has Miniguns and 4 crew figures (Without body armor).

    I'd like to build a Royal Norwegian AF UH-1B, but may have some trouble.

    You guys that worked them, that semicircular fairing on the left side of the Main Transmission, is that for the second Hyd pump on the C??

    Since I won't need it on the B I mean...
    Lots of questions, and so few answers!.
    I love the kit anyways, looking forward to receiving the Eduard parts for it as well, just hope it is the new style eduard, not the old...

    Shark-41Wink [;)]
  • And another one, the Rotor head, sure looks like the old style to me??

    The decals are the same as the ones on Wooty's picture.

    I gather that this is the model that Cobracompany has the rotor head modification for?

    Also, am looking for the seats WITHOUT armorplating, as the Norgies never had those...
  • Definitely not the same kit. I have built a Seminar UH-1C and it is less detailed and parts are not as finely molded. The Academy kits are much better.
    MRC/Academy's is a C model, it does not come with B model parts. Cobra Company's set is to backdate it to a B model with new tail, blades, horizontal stabs, instrument panel, and some other bits. I belioeve the CC set has unarmored seats too.

    Academy kit does come with 4 crewmen as well, all wearing "Chicken Plate" armor. Academy's has the armored seats too. The only kit I know of without armored seats is the Revell 1/32 UH-1D/H model. I would start with one of the Academy kits and backdate it using the CC set and seats from Revell kit if CC ones are not correct.

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  • Thanks!!
    May just try to "fix the seats" myself, using the Panda 212 seats.

    By the looks of it, my "seminar" model is that of a UH-1B/C but having the older rotor system as opposed to the "door-hinge" 540 system. This will make it easier, now all i need is a good photo of the left hand transmission cowlingof both a B and a C to make sure what details are needed.

    Looking at MRC's website, it looked like the Academy one has the EAPS system, while the "Seminar" does not.

    Cheers anywho!Big Smile [:D]