1/72 helicopter crew

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1/72 helicopter crew

  • Hello

    I know this subject has been prety well covered in 1/35 scale, however does anyone know of any crew you can get in 1/72 scale. I know CMK do a Nam era crew set with one door gunner and I suppose these could be converted but does anyone do any modern era crew that could be usd in a Desert Storm Black Hawk. Hasegawa do some sets in this scale but they all seem to be geared toward jets and carrier based personel as opposed to choppers. Any suggestions please.

    Thanks,  Rich

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  •     I too had that same issue, however; I ended up going with 1/72 CMK. Once you paint them you will be happy with them.

        I had bought two sets for a diorama I was working on (Supercobra and a UH-1N). All was going well util I tried to get the pilots into the 1W (testors). Needless to say it wasn't going to happen. After that I put this project on the back burner. 

        Anyway as long as you can get them to fit, I am pretty sure you'll be more than happy with the end result.

    Good luck!


  • Many moons ago, I built Academy's 1/72 scale blackhawk(or it may have been a night hawk) and pave hawk and both kits did come with crew and infantrymen.  I don't know whether these kits are still out there or not.  Those figures weren't the best, but it did look decent.