! / 72 Italeri H-19B " Chickasaw "

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! / 72 Italeri H-19B " Chickasaw "

  • The Chickasaw was my first attempt at building a Helo. Of nearly fifty completed models in my collection the Chick is the only Helicopter. I got the bug one day while watching the movie " Strategic Air Command ". I noticed the H-19 that was sent out to rescue the two crewmen of the B-36 that went down. That was it. Had to do one. The kit is a fairly easy build. Has great clear parts that fit perfectly. Interior is a little tricky during the building process. All around great parts fit. Careful with the rotorhead assembly. The BM finish is a combination of Floquil Old Silver, Platinum Mist and MM Bare Metals. Just ignore the FW-190 nameplate on the base in one of the photos. She's a long way from an FW-190.
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  • Looks like you did a fine job on it, Dennis. Too bad you said something about the display base! You beat me to the punch!! Smile,Wink, & Grin [swg]
    Randie [C):-)]Agape Models Without them? The men on the ground would have to work a lot harder. You can help. Please keep 'em flying! http://www.airtanker.com/
  • You did the old chick' good! Nice machine, and your first helo!  Very nicely done!


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  • Very nicely done.  I love the look of these old helos.  I might have to see about picking up a kit of this one to add to the collection.  Great work!!

    Rob Folden

    Secretary / Webmaster- IPMS Plastic Surgeons Member at Large-IPMS Hawkeye Modelers

  • WOW excellent work on your helo dennis. I always greatly admire people who master metal finishes - I'm too afraid to try. The painting around the frame lines of the windscreen and clear parts is exceptional , something else I struggle with when masking and painting model aircraft. Your helo is certianly an inspiration for me to try harder . Kind regards Helo 53

  • Very nice, I love the old piston era helicopters, there is just something kind of mad scientist about them.

    Is this the Italeri kit with a pontoon equipped helo on the box?

  • Aaronw, no the kit is not the Chick with the pontoons. I'm currently trying to locate that particular one in my area.