Pasubio: Italians in Russia Scene WIP 10/24/10

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Pasubio: Italians in Russia Scene WIP 10/24/10

  • Beginning a new figure scene... trying something new for me: Italian infantry. This scene will take place in Russia circa winter 1942. 4 Italian figs, 1 Russian civilian. The figures so far (mfr's images):


    Started with the officer from the Royal Models kit. I spent an hour with the Dremel / pin chisel bit, removing the head out from under that cool cap, replacing with a Hornet head. Used a spare hand to remove the pointing, "Hey You" pose, to depict more of a "move, plz!" pose:


    I've been trying to eek more detail out of the figures, scribing along cuffs, straps, etc. Here's the Alarmi figure with some of this goin' on:


    Results (I think it looks pretty good, brings out the relief):

    Remove some resin in spots to get the clarity of the details:


    Here they are together, the action of the scene's storyline will be talked about  a little later. Nothing too dramatic or anything. Just tryin' to get a new project rollin'.


    If you're here, I thank ya...

    Steve M.

    On the workbench: every tool, paint, brush, glue I own

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  • The fig. with the carcano definitely has that Musollini look going on.  Great work so far and look forward to more!  Not something you see every day, I like it.


  • Thank you, Pat. Yeah, he's got quite the mug on him.

    Steve M.

    On the workbench: every tool, paint, brush, glue I own

  • ~Hey Steve~

    Another Mic-sterpiece Dio just getting started--EXCELLENT

    and Italians in winter? talk about seldom never seen!

    I'll be  lookin in for this one.

    " gunna pull them pistols, or just whistle Dixie?"

  • Cool, thnx for the encouragement, Indy.

    The Alexander figure arrived today, and I can't wait to start assembling him. Updates soon.

    Steve M.

    On the workbench: every tool, paint, brush, glue I own

  • Minor progress update; 2 more figures. Machine gunner is about 100% built, gotta go back and do some touch ups and clean ups around the PE.


    This Alexander figure received a head transplant, like the first figure in this thread. Liked the hat, lose the head.


    A few minutes with a Dremel, and lots of test fitting, does the trick.


    Hard to tell in photos, but the face I added has more character, in my opinion. I can not remember the manufacture of this head. I've sculpted a scarf for him, and added a bit of hair. Love them Squadron Green sideboards.


    He still has some minor PE work to be done.

    Thanks for lookin'


    Steve M.

    On the workbench: ginormous Kharkov dio