Silverstone F1 Circuit Diorama WIP pages

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Silverstone F1 Circuit Diorama WIP pages

  • Howdo all!

    Right then, about time i contributed to this BBS so...

    Only the WIP pages as i have no pics of the fully completed item, reading through the WIP may explain that i was only responsible for some of it, the main stand and likewise stuff was someone else's dept.

    Anyway, seven pages dealing with the buildings and such gear built by myself and all had to be done in a hurry so apologies for any informational gaps.

    So then...



    Enjoy people and go easy.

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  • errr are you sure you dont need a hanger to put that thing in!Big Smile [:D] nice work.


  • Absolutely MAD skills!!!  Bow [bow]
  • Amazing work, my friend. I'm oddly speechless.
  • WOW. I can't wait to see this finished!