Revell 1:32, Hawker typhoon Mk.1b

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Revell 1:32, Hawker typhoon Mk.1b

  • My latest build, the Revell Hawker Typhoon.

    Used Techmod decals and the Squadron vacform canopy. Markings are "fictional".

    Enlarge the rims with Evergreen rods. The aluminium Mark III rails and the SAP/HE 60 lbs rockets are build of evergreen strips, rods, 1:48 scale G4M1 betty bombs and electric wire.

    "Pin-up" dog is hand painted and an ode to my dog which is now somewhere beyond Angels 20.......


    Best regards.










    All that scrathing is making me itch!

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  • That is one big Beast!

    Well done

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  • Looks sharp.  Nicely done!


    -It's Omar, but they call me "O".

  • Excellent build. Very very nice.

  • That is a build to be proud of, the chipping effect on the leading edges is brilliant!  For not being one of my favorite A/C you did a remarkable job of making me want to build one. Toast

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  • Very nice job, well done! I love the Tiffie


  • And bonus points for the nose art!  Nice tribute to a former family member.  

    Gene Beaird

    Pearland, Texas

  • That's neato! I always liked that model for it's sheer heft.

    As for Jasper,

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