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CF-101 Voodoo

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    January, 2018
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CF-101 Voodoo
Posted by banthafodder on Friday, January 12, 2018 10:09 PM

I'm thinking of starting an RCAF Voodoo, I remember seeing one do a flypast at the airshow here when I was a kid, that was right before they were retired.  I know there is a Monogram\Revell kit, and a Kittyhawk one in 1/48, are there any others?  Which one is best? 

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    November, 2008
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Posted by plasticjunkie on Friday, January 12, 2018 10:43 PM

The Monogram kit is very old but still a very nice one and is an easy build. The pit has great molded details.

The KH one I have heard horror stories about crappy fit and a pebbly rough finish on the plastic. I read a build review where the builder had one heck of a time getting things to properly fit and heavy use of putty. I can't remember where I read it. but I have stayed clear of it.

Here is my 1/48 Monogram that I made in NMF using Alclad and the kit decals and not one speck of putty was used. Click on the images for closeups.

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    September, 2016
Posted by Retired In Kalifornia on Friday, January 12, 2018 10:55 PM

The 1/48 scale Monogram F-101 was one of a handful of jets I'd built between 1977 and 1992, one out of a handful of airplane models I'd built since 1961 larger than 1/72. It was an easy build, expected trouble had little; a "request build" for a now long deceased acquaintance would liked to had kept it.

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Posted by jeaton01 on Friday, January 12, 2018 11:34 PM

A Canadian Voodoo would be the two seat F-101B so Monogram is the only kit in 1/48 that will work for you.  Kittyhawk has announced but not released a B version.  I built the kit and I think it is pretty good.  Here's a link to my build:


To see build logs of my models, go here:


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    November, 2008
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Posted by plasticjunkie on Saturday, January 13, 2018 12:53 AM

Finally found a picture of the pit. The details are molded very clear and sharp.


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Posted by Nathan T on Saturday, January 13, 2018 8:24 AM

Ur only choice is to convert the Monogram kit. I just started one myself. There are quite a few small details different in the Cf-101s



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Posted by Don Stauffer on Saturday, January 13, 2018 9:58 AM

Has anyone done a 101 in 1:72?  As an old Mac employee, I have started a collection of all MDC fighter aircraft, and have everything in my stash now except for the 101.


Don Stauffer in Minnesota

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    January, 2018
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Posted by banthafodder on Saturday, January 13, 2018 10:26 AM

Ok, so the Monogram kit it is, I know there are some on Ebay.  Thank you everyone for your input and advice.  I know that there will have to be some conversions made, but having a starting place certainly helps lol.  I can see by the pictures shared that it does make a very nice model, I can only hope I will have the skill to make mine as nice. 

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Posted by murph on Saturday, January 13, 2018 2:41 PM

Belcher Bits CF-101 decal set is good but Leading Edge Models is better, in my opinion. Only problem is that LEM can be difficult to find while Mike Belcher’s set is still in production. The Revell / Monogram kit builds up into a CF-101 quite nicely. Cockpit detail is quite good. Take plenty of photos of the CWH’s Voodoo to see what mods you’ll have to make, most notably removal of the slime lights. Hopefully Model Master Enamels still have Canadian Voodoo Grey in their line?

Retired and living the dream!

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Posted by plasticjunkie on Saturday, January 13, 2018 2:57 PM


The 1/72 is supposed to be a smaller version of the 1/48 one so it should be very nice.

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Posted by rangerj on Saturday, January 13, 2018 4:34 PM

The Revell/Monogram 1/72nd F-101 B is as good as the 1/48th scale kit. The Hasagawa 1/72nd scale RF-101 can be converted to a C model with an old conversion kit from the old Micro-scale decals, if you can find one. Anyone know if there are any other conversion kits for the RF-101 kit?

Some time ago someone posted an F-101B build of a Canadian F-101B and included all of the corrections/modifications that needed to be done in order to convert the USAF F-101 B into a correct Canadian F-101B. 

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Posted by Cdn Colin on Saturday, January 13, 2018 7:19 PM

Mustang Hobbies in the US has one of the original Monogram kits with Canadian markings of 409 Sqn out of Comox.

I build 1/48 scale WW2 fighters.

Have fun.


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