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Amelia Earhart Lockheed Vega Decals

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    November 2018
Amelia Earhart Lockheed Vega Decals
Posted by Craggus2000 on Sunday, November 25, 2018 3:44 PM

Hi all,

I'm new here and looking to get back in to the model-making scene, having done a few when I was a boy...

I'm currently looking in to getting the AMT950 Lockheed Vega 1/48 model to build with my daughter who loves reading about Amelia Earhart - thought it would be a good Daddy-Daughter project for Christmas.

So I'm looking for a set of decals to use as the ones that come in the kit are Shell Branded and not the correct decals for the Earhart Vega 5C Little Red Wagon.

The only place I've seen is Red Pegasus, but they are not currently selling and not contactable.

Does anyone have a scan of the decals they can send so I can make my own, or know where I can get a set from please?

Many thanks,


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    March 2003
Posted by rangerj on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 2:54 PM

If I remember correctly that is the Vega she flew from Hawii to CA and it is in a museum in Philladelphia (I think). The one she flew across the Atlantic is in the National Museum in Washington. Anyway, if you find a source for decals for either of her Vegas please let us know. I have a 1/48th scale Vega I would like to do in her paint scheme. The only decals I have are for the Winnie Mae. Testors has a dark red in their small bottle paints that is the best match I have seen for her Vega. There is a 1/72nd scale model of the Vega 5 with her decals and the Winnie Mae decals. Does anyone out there know if these can be blown up to 1/48th scale with one of those fancy "gizzmo" computer printers. IIRC the decals are for the Vega she flew solo across the Atlantic in. Note I have seen both of these AE aircraft and have color pictures somewhere in my vast collection. After a couple of moves it would take a major expedition to find them. They were taken with a real camera and developed from real film back in the stone age. Note that the real aircraft was wood and it was covered with doped linen. The passenger version had 5 windows on each side (IIRC), and AE and Wiley Posty had some of the windows covered over. You may want to pay attention to which windows were covered on which aircraft of AE's. Let us know how your progress goes.  

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    November 2018
Posted by Craggus2000 on Friday, January 10, 2020 7:30 AM


Sorry to bring up an old thread, but just to complete it, I made my own decals in the end. I am selling the spares if anyone is interested, craggus2000 on ebay.

Many thanks



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