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P-59A colors

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Posted by BlackWolf3945 on Friday, March 28, 2003 10:55 PM
Only to get balled out like the couple of irresponsible kids that we are? Why I'd like to take that guy and... Tongue [:P]

And Butz, HOW DARE YOU steal my greeting that I stole from that Canadian reverend dude! LMAO Wink [;)]

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Posted by Butz on Friday, March 28, 2003 7:00 PM
Eagle334 & Blackwolf
Greetings and salutations............!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I type I'm looking at the pics of the P-39(Galloping Gertie) interior.
The interior on this particular bird is not black(except for the instrument panel). It is more like a dark green(FS 34079) mixed in w/ differ shades of dk green(faded) and hints of olive. Sounds confusing doesn't itTongue [:P]
Also as I look through the pics of the office, certain panels, the seat and the radio flooring aft of the seat is a more of a dk interior green(A/N 611) or close to US TAC Mid Green(I know this is a modern color) but its close.
When I talked w/ my grandpa(line product super 39-45 on the 39's) and John Wheeler (part of the design team), they said that the color varied. What I mean is that after a good workout, they touched up/painted the interior what ever green they had avalible at that time(which ment overpainting the factory color). They also saw this first hand when the a/c rotated back to the states for some R and R.
I also asked about if the 39's interior could have been black and Mr wheeler said of course. But I actually forgot why they painted it in that color. For some reason spotting the 39's pilot would have been harder. I'll find out for sure..!!
Looking at the landing gear and wheel wells, it looks to be on the color of interior green.
Remember Blackwolf when you and I crawled all over the a/c like we were two kids in a candy store....Tongue [:P] Flaps up, Mike

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Posted by BlackWolf3945 on Friday, March 28, 2003 4:50 PM
I seem to remember the interior of the Niagara Aerospace Museum's P-39 being Bell's interior green, (Thanks Wayne, bronze green, I couldn't remember what they called it!) and possibly a bit of black. (besides the IP)

It's funny, you sit inside the thing for close to 10 minutes and you can't remember what color it was painted! That's probably because I spent half that time trying to get my *** outta the dang thing. Tongue [:P]

For a walkaround of sorts for this particular P-39 ("Galloping Gertie", on loan from the Smithsonian) go here:

One of the fellas who operates this site has a much more comprehensive photo study of the same bird and I believe he's going to replace the existing gallery in the future. Also, keep in mind; this P-39 is NOT fully restored. The cockpit hasn't been touched and the rest has been "dolled up" to make it presentable as a display piece.

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Posted by eagle334 on Friday, March 28, 2003 3:58 PM

Bell aircraft used a weird shade of green referred to as "Bronze Green". This color was used on all their aircraft from the P-39 thru the P-59. Unfortunately, noone has this color available. A close match to it is Model Master French Khaki. It definately is NOT zinc chromate. The Bronze Green was used in the cockpit, wheelwells, and doors. Now to further confuse things here, the P-39 at the Air Force museum has a Black interior and I believe, and Butz can correct me if I'm wrong, the P-39 at the Niagara Aerospace Museum also has a black interior, but according to Bell, they weren't painted this color.

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Posted by BlackWolf3945 on Thursday, March 27, 2003 8:19 PM
My guess as to the color of the gear and wells, as well as the cockpit, would be one of the same interior greens as was used by Bell on P-39's and P-63's.

I have color shots only of the camoflaged Squirts, but after comparisons made between dozens of black and white shots of both Camo & NMF aircraft, it seems to me that interior green would be a logical choice for the gear and wells. Also, some shots of lineups of 412th FG birds show a mix of colored and what appears to be silver (or unpainted) gear struts.

The cockpit, almost without doubt, was interior green, with black instrument panel; the usual for birds of that era.

The wingwalks... I dunno for sure. I have a couple shots that seem to indicate two distinctive tones. Most others seem to indicate either dark grey or black. I think it may be safe to say that they were black (like many anti-skid walkways of the era) and may have faded and changed appearance with time and wear, ie; I'd paint them a faded dark grey.

Hope this helps and doesn't hinder!

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P-59A colors
Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, March 27, 2003 9:17 AM
My References differ from the Hobbycraft kits painting instructions. Does anyone know the colors used on the Wheelwells-struts of the NMF units from the 412 th FG at March Field, CA.? Where the wing walks black or gray? Think I know cockpit colors but would be glad to hear your opinion! TIA
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