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Panel Lines

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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, May 10, 2003 5:44 AM
go to the techniques part of the forum, you will find any number of ways of doing panel lines there.
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Posted by Butz on Friday, May 9, 2003 9:21 PM
Whaz up sdavies58,
If the a/c has engraved panel lines try this.
I use what is called a "smudge wash". Most important thing is to make sure the a/c has a few gloss coats on before you apply the wash.

1. Use a drk gray or scale black which is water based and mix it w/ distilled water(ratio of paint to water is up to you my friend)

2. Using a "fine" brush, start to apply the wash to the panel lines(its ok if you get excess wash around the outsides)

3. Let the wash sit for about 10 to 15min then using a moistened Q-tip, go back over the panel lines. By doing this step you are removing the wash from the surrounding area except for the panel lines.
You can apply this application as many times as you want or until you get the results that your looking for.
Once this is all done you can then apply your final coats of flat(semi or what tone you may prefer)

Again make sure you have a gloss coat on. As for raised panel lines, basically you could do the same as explained above(I have only heard this being done). Or you could go on the route of using pastel chalk(drk gray or black) to go over the raised lines. Then once this is all done apply your final coat of flat, semi gloss or what ever you want(keeps it from lifting).
Hope this helps ya out a lilTongue [:P]. Any questions please feel free to e-mail me at
This is one of the easier ways of high lighting/bringing out your panel lines.
Flaps up,Mike

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Posted by toadwbg on Friday, May 9, 2003 4:54 PM
Please specify if recessed or raised panel lines.

In either case, a wash of watered down black with a touch of dish detergant applied and than whiped off can do a nice job. It takes a little practice to get it right.

Search these forums and you should find many articles on the subject.
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Panel Lines
Posted by Anonymous on Friday, May 9, 2003 10:21 AM
Hi, I'm fairly new to modeling and about to finish my first model,but am having trouble making the panel lines stand out realistically. Any got any good tips for a beginner.


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