Caption This ????????????

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Caption This ????????????

  • G'day Folk's,

    Just something I found, in the collection.

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  • Why is that guy waving at us?
  • "Whistling [:-^] "You put your right foot in . . . "Whistling [:-^] (Do the Hokey-Pokey)
  • Rob:
    In this hemisphere aircraft roll to a takeoff. Are we to take it that down there they run until they get airborne?
    Just asking.
  • ...One of the many reasons why spring-loaded landing gear did not become production standard. This is what the pilots called the 'slinky' effect...
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  • That T-6s older brother is a training airplane and it certainly appears the pilot needs some training in when to raise the landing gear handle. Caption? Timing is everything!


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  • I.P. to Student "You really should be off the ground BEFORE retracting the gear!"

  • Ooh, I've got blisters...
    Gentlemen! You can't fight in here; this is the WAR ROOM!
  • this is gonna hurt.....
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  • look ma, no landing gear !
  • Not sure this guy has heard of ground effect.

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  • Let's just hope he's taking off and not landing!
    Don Agne
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by dagne

    Let's just hope he's taking off and not landing!

    I agree
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  • The original STOL??
  • Actualy the CO RAAF Richmond was well known for this manoever of which he was a regular practicioner until one day...........CRASH BANG TINKLE TIn k l e and other loud expensive noises.

    My Caption
    OK. So you shot down a Zero . But you've still got to dangle the Dunlops!