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The Dark side is strong! - Special package on the way from Germany

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The Dark side is strong! - Special package on the way from Germany
Posted by snapdragonxxx on Saturday, July 29, 2017 3:16 PM

Amusing Hobby has released some new stuff and a German retailer had a special offer on so I decided that I would jump in.

They had two offers...

Buy this:

and this

and get this free!

you could do the same with this too:

So I bought the Flakpanzer and the Bar to get the Rutscher and added the E-100 on.

I am just waiting for DHL to deliver!

The Rutscher was commissioned by the German retailer as a special and it can only be obtained by purchasing one of the special offers

Here's the links

I do like Amusing Hobby kits as they always go together well and look good when they are done.



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Posted by Bish on Saturday, July 29, 2017 3:30 PM

Cheers for that link, i have been looking for some one who sells AM kits a bit closer to home. If i had the money i would grab that bundle4 myself. That last one is interesting, looks like a variant of the E-25.

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Posted by snapdragonxxx on Saturday, July 29, 2017 5:07 PM

The Rutscher is not a part of the E-series and Trumpeter announced one on facebook, but It hace since disappeard.

It is still on scalemates though.

Normally I purchase my Amusing Hobby stuff here

Their prices are good and the new Flakpanzer E100 including postage is around £44 and should take a week to the UK.

I have never had a problem with them and also they declare everything at £15 and I have never been bitten by customs over it.

I have quite a few Amusing Hobby kits in my stash now and I really do like them as they are well enginerred and detailed and go together well.

I recently did their Jagdpanther II and it was a lovely kit to build up. The tracks were a bit fiddly and so I invested in Panther II Friul tracks which fitted like a dream.

I can recommend the following for the appropriate kits

and, from their facebook page, it looks like there's some World of Tanks stuff on the way!

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Posted by Gamera on Saturday, July 29, 2017 6:44 PM

Oh wow those are cool, I'm hoping you'll be posting them when done. I really want to see how they turn out.


And dang I had to go visit their Facebook page- now I want that Japanese Type 5 super heavy!!! Heart

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Posted by Bish on Saturday, July 29, 2017 11:30 PM

Ye, i get mine from Dawns as well, was the only place i could find them. I still have the Bar lined up. But that deal from Germany is a good one, can't wait to see that Rutscher when you get to it.

Thanks for the info.

''I am a Norfolk man, and i glory in being so''


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                     Academy 1/72nd Apache AH.1

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Posted by Tojo72 on Sunday, July 30, 2017 8:54 AM
Cheers for another company expanding their line and our hobby.However sll of those paper panzers,if thats the term don't do anything for me,but congrats on your purchases.

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    November, 2004
Posted by snapdragonxxx on Sunday, July 30, 2017 6:14 PM

Now I have my photobucket problem sorted I will be putting up these and more builds.

Many modellers say they don't like the paper panzers, mainly because they didn't exist. In actual fact The Germans had completed the hull of one E-100 and were waiting for the turret and gun from Krupp. They also had a second E-100 hull partly finished when the British Army took over the works where they were being made.

The two hulls were shipped back to the UK and examined then cut up and sold for scrap.

About half way through the war the German high command realised that they needed to streamline production as demand for replacement vehicles was outstripping supply and so the idea to have only a few hulls and build a few different vehicles off these hulls using as many common components as possible and so what we know as ther E-series was started to develop with the core being the Panther and Tiger II chassis.

New suspension was designed for the new vehicles which was actually bolt on units, not the torsion bar suspension which made it much easier for field replacement and manufacturing on a production line. Maybach started to design new more powerful engines based around the Tiger II powerplant for the new E-series. In the meantime the Tiger II would have had an upgrade done which included a 105mm main gun and a more powerful engine as an interim measure until the new E-series came into production.

The Tiger II upgrade would have started in July 1945 with the E-series starting to come off the production line around December 1945. The war finished in May so these plans were never implemented.

There is quite a lot of surviving documentation on the vehicles that would have come off the production line with estimates, using the proposed modular build that one vehicle a day could have been produced per factory once tooling etc had been done and supply lines set up for modular builds.

Knowing how effective German armour was and the reputation the Panzer crews had, if the Germans had done this earlier in the war, or if the war had managed to go on long enough then the E-series vehicles could have caused many problems for the allies and maybe even changed how the war ended.

In actual fact, with the allies getting hold of much documentation and existing vehicles to study and compare we can see that the german designs still have an effect on armour production today.

Don't turn your nose up at paper panzers because eventually you will run out of models of existing and real tanks.... there is only so many tiger II tanks that manufacturers can do before there is nothing new to be added and they are just repeating other companies products, the same with other vehicles.

Try a paper panzer. they don't hurt, are quite fun and are not really a "What if" but "sorry.... we ran out of time!"

Many might have existed only in blueprints and designs, but if things had turned out differently the allies could have ended up looking down the 128mm barrel of a 75 ton Tiger III with better armour, a very powerful engine and a highly trained and competent veteran crew. Could the Sherman have stood up to that? I don't think so.

I think we are lucky that things went as they did and much respect must go to the designers and manufacturers of the Tiger and Panther vehicles that have influenced model builders and manufacturers through the years.



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    July, 2003
Posted by disastermaster on Monday, July 31, 2017 1:21 AM

 A very informative and comprehensive summary here.

 I'll be looking in on your progress.




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