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Swedish Armor Splinter Camouflage

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    September, 2017
Swedish Armor Splinter Camouflage
Posted by Dave2112 on Saturday, September 02, 2017 9:08 AM

Hi Guys,

I've just been given a Trumpeter 1:35 Strv 103C Swedish S tank. I prefere to use Tamiya or Humbrol paints. I'm struggling to find the right paints to use against the Gunze Mr. color ones listed on the instruction sheet.

Tanks for reading



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    May, 2014
Posted by Sackgasse on Monday, September 18, 2017 11:00 PM

Hi Dave,
I was asking a similar question regarding the colors on a STRV-122 and James "snapdragonxxx" replied as follows:


The Leopard 2A4 is the Swedish Strv 121. They are the same vehicle but with a different designation.

This means that the Meng TS-16 is the correct kit and just needs painting in 4 shade camo.

The M90 camouflage comprises four colours: dark green, light green, dark navy blue/black and beige

Color Swedish Name Yxy color designation HTML Color #
Dark Green Mörkgrön 5.6 : 0.328 : 0.371 404538
Light Green Ljusgrön 8.9 : 0.352 : 0.411 525739
Brown Brun 8.3 : 0.357 : 0.356 5D4F44
Black Svart 3.7 : 0.310 : 0.316 383539

RAL 6007 Bottle green -97% match

RAL 6003 Olive green - 95% match

RAL 8028 Terra brown - 98% match

RAL 8022 Black brown - 96% match.

Vallejo are my go to colours as they do not subscribe to the silly scale conversion for paint. Therefore their paint is faithful to the original chipsets. so....

RAL 6007 - Vallejo 71.019

RAL 6003 - Vallejo 71.092 - I probably would consider instead NATO Green (71.093) as it is lighter.

RAL 8028 - No match in Vallejo Model aircatalogue, but NATO Brown (71.249) is probably a reasonable substitute.

RAL 8022 - Again no match, byt in actual fact, NATO Black is probably a good alternative. it is not a true black and has a very slight blue tinge, barely noticable (71.251) also Vallejo tyre black (71.315) could also be a good alternative.

Another member of the forum might have more accurate matches.


If you want to build the new Strv 122 then you will probably need an A5 or manybe Meng's A7 would be better and change the following:

French GALIX smoke dispensers

different storage bins

thicker crew hatches

Strv 122B, have been equipped with modular AMAP composite armour from IBD Deisenroth to give “360° protection” against threats such as EFPs, rocket propelled grenades and improvised explosive devices

I would consider Mengs A7 and altering it for the 122b



The color scheme is graually being updated but this is still a good match I suppose.

Another option would be to go with the NATO range as above; XF-67, 68, 69 and add XF-71.

I will post some reference color samples when I am back from the office.


Happy Modeling! Cool


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