Italeri's Humvee kits

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Italeri's Humvee kits

  • I'm looking to build a diorama with a humvee in it. i don't want to use Tamiya's kit cuz it's just too expensive. so i'm considerng the Italeri Hummer Avenger kit, the one with the two Quad Stinger missile launchers. has anyone here built it? how is the quality?

    thanks!!!Approve [^]
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  • yes have made taht kit and its not that good and for just a few bucks more you can get the tam kit wicth i veary nice
  • I can get you the tamiya kit for 20 bucks just email me if your interested
  • I did an article about the Italeri HMMWVs, the Avenger included. There is also a part 2 to the article describing the aftermarket items for the kits.
  • I liked my Italeri Avenger. Considering that at the time there wasn't a lot of choices. Yeah i'm king of cheap builds. Rob's got the low down on all these kits that's where I learned everything I know. main problem with both the Academy and the Italeri, with out being too nitpicky, is the wheels/hubs. They all suck. I haven't built the new Tamiya yet. i'm just waiting on Hobby lobby's next 50% off sale on models. They either have a sale or offer an internet coupon once a month.Shy [8)]
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  • QUOTE: Originally posted by jessiahkinnamon

    I can get you the tamiya kit for 20 bucks just email me if your interested

    Big Smile [:D]Thanks for the offer, but i would like to build the avanger version.

    Rob, Thanks for the reviews! really helpful.

    any other tips guys?
  • If you read Rob's review on the Humvee by Italeri you're probably not going to get much better scoop then his writeup. I've built both the Tamyia and the Italeri and enjoyed both builds. It goes back to that old saying , ya gets what ya pays for. Semper fi, mike