Paint/Color for M1A2 Abrams (all Gulf War Armour)

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Paint/Color for M1A2 Abrams (all Gulf War Armour)

  • Hello, first time to this forum.

    I have 20 years in modelling, mainly aviation. I have just moved to the dark side of armour. I am very confused and stressed as jets have all FS colors and you buy the brand you like and paint your model, armour on the other hand is stressing me out.

    Gulf War for Abrams, Bradley etc, Chally what paint and colour should I use or what kind of mix can I use? Model Master US Marine/Army Sand is way wrong and way to dark I hear from others. I like acrylics like Tamiya, there was a guy who built the M1A2 in Tamiya Magazine Vol 104 but I can't locate that volume, he mixed I think 3 Tamiya colors together.

    PLEASE HELP ME, any advice would be very appreciated.
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  • You can paint modern US OIF vehicels in either sand color or 3-color NATO. 82nd AB and units from Germany (1st Armored Div) still had/have camo vehicles.

    For modern US desert sand I use Testors Model Master Sand, FS # 33531. It is a perfect match for current sand CARC paint. With a little weathering, it matches the vehicles I have served on in Iraq and stateside. Many use MM Army/Marine Gulf Sand, but it is too dark for me.

    For 3-color NATO scheme, I use MM Flat Black, Medium Green, and Field Drab. These are lighter than the Tamiya NATO paints and than most recommended colors of Flat Black, Military Brown and Forest Green. It looks like the actual vehicles since they fade very quickly and never look as bright as the actual colors of Flat Black, Forest Green and Military Brown.

    Can't help with an exact color for Brit vehicles, looks more yellow than US sand though.
    Hope that answers some of your questions.

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  • Remember, the M1A2 and M1A2SEP only come in desert sand in frontline use.
  • Okay, did some investigation. Best paint match for US Gulf War for the Humvee, Abrams, Bradley is Floquil Poly Scale US Desert Storm Sand, perfect match and is a acrylic paint.

    Poly Scale and Vallego also have Modern British Desert Yellow too.
  • OK, I'm an Acryl and Enamel guy but use Acryl as much as possible. I'm about to start my Tamiya ABRAMS M1A2 OIF. At hand I have a new MM rattle can of FS-33722 from a project I was going to do but never did.


    Also, at hand I have Acryl SAND 1/2 (33531) and US ARMY / MARINES GULF WAR (13200). Which route should I go?

  • For an OIF M1A1/A2 go with Sand FS 33531 and for an ODS M1A1,  US Army/Marines Gulf War Sand. Note that if you are doing an M1A2, it will only be the former (FS 33531).


  • Thanks a lot for your help and time Phil. Will start tomorrow morning.

  • Phil_H

    For an OIF M1A1/A2 go with Sand FS 33531 and for an ODS M1A1,  US Army/Marines Gulf War Sand. Note that if you are doing an M1A2, it will only be the former (FS 33531).

    The "sand" used in ODS was different than OIF. ODS sand was not a true FS paint. Adter a few months in the could tell it was not an FS paint in many cases Surprise

    Stick with what Phil gave you on the sand.

    If you are doing 3 color NATO, I prefer the NATO Black, Brown and Green colors.

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