David Pearson 1969 Torino Cobra NASCAR

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David Pearson 1969 Torino Cobra NASCAR

  •   Last spring I was in a thrift store when a bag full of about 30 model paints and old cheap airbrush and a AMT 1969 Torino Cobra caught my eye. The whole thing was 5 bucks so I bought it no problem. I opened the kit up and found a NASCAR option wow. Big Smile  I went on Evil Bay and found some David Pearson decals and started building. I am an airplane modeler as of lately. I have built lots of car models in my youth and totaly had a great time building this one. I sanded the body smooth and scratched a diff cooler and added plug wires. Hope you all enjoy the Pics and any comments welcome.


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  • I still have this kit in my stash. Going to put it on the "to build" list. Keep up the good work. Yes

    Jim Captain

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  • I'm really starting to dig these cars.Nice job.

  • Nice job, Damon. I like it!

    Don Stauffer in Minnesota

  • Great job on a great choice!


  • Yes Nice job .Ron

  •  Hey guys Thanks  for the kind words. I have got hooked on the vintage NASCAR cars. I have puchashed another kit and some Decals for Donnie Allison's 1969 Torino I might post it as a WIP when I finish some of my group builds that I commited too.  You got to love the fact that these cars looked "stock"  buy it from the dealer Monday race it on Sunday. Big Smile


  • nice job. i like the motion blur on the opening hood. was that intentional or did it close just as you took the photo?

  • The hood closed right as I snapped the picture that is why I removed it for the other shot. Embarrassed  Thanks for your comment I am glad you like it.  Once in a while it is good to cross over and model something different,breaks the monotny. I do mostly WWII airplanes but enjoyed this car and looking forward to another. When i was a kid I used to watch Pearson race in the late 70s. Best Daytona finish ever was Pearson and Petty 1976, watch it on YOUTUBE.