MGB GT model

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MGB GT model

  • Does anyone know of a 1/24 scale model kit of an MGB GT?
    You know, It's the hardtop with the hatch back (no wet legs in the rain!!).

    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!
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  • So, I looked around, and I know its not 1/25th, but I found this one on ebay

    I can't quite figure out whether it is a kit, or already built up. Either way, you could probably modify it if you needed to.

    I'll keep my eye open. I drive an MGB, and I just finished a seriously kit bashed model B for my father. The big problem with almost all the MG models I've found, is that they only have wire wheels (no rostyles) and all of them are right hand drive. I had to carve a whole new interior for his a whole lot of other was hard, but rewarding in the end.

    Good luck, and let us know if you find something


  • Oh man...I forgot I had this page bookmarked...

    There are a bunch of GTs here...about 1/2 way down the page. You can get them as a kit, or as a built model
    I hope you can find what you're looking for there!

  • Jonathan,
    Thanks, man - I've had a look, but couldn't see the image on the ebay site, and the other cars are a little small.
    I just took possession of a 1971 MGB GT Tongue [:P] - completely disassembledDead [xx(]!! Well, not TOTALLY, the engine and the gearbox are still together, but the rest of it is in boxes. Oh boy. So I just gotta have a model of the little beastie that I WILL drive ONE DAY..............I just keep telling myself that..........
    Have a look at Alta Vista - so a search for images - use "mgb gt" in parentheses as the subject. A few pages into the results (page 5 I think) shows a photo of the components of a 1/24 scale model of an MGB GT. If you click on the image, it links to a Japanese (I think!) model website - my computer can't handle the text, though.
    The picture is here

    Does anyone recognize this model? Or can anyone tell me who makes this model?
    Many thanks,
    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!
  • Why don't you simply supply us the URL to the site in question, rather than let us search for it??

    I can read japanese and might be able to help, but I ain't wasting time looking for search engine results.
  • Uhhhh, Duh.
    Okay, that was pretty stupid......sorry........stand by and I'll just find the URL.
    Here 'tis..........
    Hope it means more to you than it does to me. Regrettably I'm mono-lingual.

    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!
  • Yes, it means something to me.

    Looks like it was a conversion Kit for the Aoshima MG-B Kit.

    Bad news, they no longer sell the Item.

    BTW, for monolingual people I recomend this site:
  • Far out.........
    Thanks for that - I've stuck it in my favorites and I'm sure I'll need it soon. Coulda used it last week.
    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!
  • BTW, I might have some good news for you soon.

    Wave/BE-J Japan will set up an english online mail order catalog for their goods, they have a LOT of licences for 1/43 and similar Resin Car models.

    In about 10 days they will close their shop for restorations where they will close the 2nd floor to the public and I think use it as an office/warehouse for the online ordering.
    Re-opening is scheduled for the 16th/Feb./ at which time I would assume that they will be going online too.
  • Lee Tree: FYI:
    For those Aussies in Melbourne there is an MGCC Concours at the Wesley College grounds (St Kilda Rd)on Sunday Feb 8. Melways ref: 2L D10.

    See you there.

    A good forum for your full sized MGB:

    Cheers, Pete.

  • i used to have 1979're right...wet legs in teh rain.

    you know you own an MGB if you've ever said "you know, i kinda like th smell of mildew".
  • Hey Lee, that MG of yours. is it the V8 or the 'LiL' engined version?. one tip i can give you is when you need to compress the front suspension with the springs in place use a piece of threaded bar with a nut on either end through one of the holes and tighten them down. makes lining everything up much easier than having spring compressors in place (and in the way). did that whilst we were re-building one at college and it worked real well.
    Why torture yourself when life will do it for you?
  • Thanks guys - Greg, I'll remember to compress the springs when I assemble the front end. It's always good to get feedback from those who own the cars.
    Pete, thanks for the heads up - I might just have to head over to Wesley next sunday and have a look and meet some people. I'm going to have to join the MG club so I can get help with the restoration.
    The motor is one of the late Mkll 5 main bearing crank 1800cc 4 cylinder motors. I can also get (from the same source as the MGB GT) a Rover P4 with the 3500 V8 to puty into the car, but I'm not sure that's the way I want to go. My father in law has a 1966 Daimler 250V8 (basically a Jag Mkll) that has a Rover 3500 in it (from an SD2 Rover) and it goes rather well - imagine that power in a car the size of an MG!! Scary.
    Thanks guys - and if anyone knows of a 1/24 scale kit of the GT, lemme know.
    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!
  • Lee,
    Next Sunday promises to be great so it would be good if you caould get along.

    Do you know of the MG Workshops in Melbourne?
    A great source of practical knowledge as well as spares.

    Cheers, Pete.
  • Pete,
    My best mate used to have an MGB roadster and spent WAY too much money at MG Workshops - had the motor blueprinted (basically box-stock), put in a mildly lumpy cam, had the gearbox tweaked, and then the SU's seriously tuned. The thing was a rocketship after that. It would blow away ANY V-8 from the lights.......he sold it to some moron who never checked the knock-offs on the wire wheels, and he lost a wheel at 70kmh, fairly trashing the car. Idiot.
    I'm hoping I don't have to spend too much of the money I don't have to get this MG back in running order - but joining the MG owners club would be a good place to start. I'll try to get my father in law to come with me next sunday to Wesley College.
    Thanks again, Pete.
    Cheers, LeeTree Remember, Safety Fast!!!