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BTTF Delorean in 1/15 scale

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    August, 2014
BTTF Delorean in 1/15 scale
Posted by kylewoodyls1 on Friday, August 29, 2014 1:57 PM

Hey guys!

Not a new member here (used to be "kylewoody")... but the forum wouldn't sign me in under my existing email and password, said it didn't exist.  Made a new account, said my email was already taken.  Whatever, I made a new account.

Anyways I got the Diamond Star Toys 1/15 time machine from the first movie, nuclear chamber and all.  Not a bad piece, but after seeing these inspirational builds I decided to do one myself!  Hopefully I can link to them as it helped me a great bunch - plus I'd like to give credit to the builders.

Now I know these aren't straight up model kits, but hopefully I won't get shunned too much!  I've been building 1/350 and 1/700 ships quite a bit lately so I thought this would be a good break.  I would build a regular model kit of the Delorean like Aoshima's, but I wanted it BIG... and this toy is the only one this size. Cool

So.... here she is off the rip.  Not bad, but definitely a shiny plastic, mass produced look.

Definitely don't like the blandness and molded in stuff, like wires and time travelling gizmos.  First step, take it apart!  Just six screws on the bottom, then carefully remove the LEDs from the body.

Adding carpet to the smooth interior tub - had no flocking so I tried the baking soda technique and thinned white glue.  I think it works pretty good!

Then scrape off the molded in seatbelts.  And sand.  Then scrape.  Then prime.  Then sand.  Etc.Bang Head

Also wanted to detail the shift boot.  Just used tissue paper and CA.  Trimmed off excess with a sharp X Acto blade, then hand painted with acrylics.

Totally redoing the time circuits switch in the center console.  Borrowing tek's idea of using a phone line fitting.

Didn't like the main switch itself, is too big/clunky and shaped wrong.  Just used some scrap styrene rod.

Detailing the power inverter looking thing on the center console.  Appears to have like a chicken wire top, so I used so scrap PE stuff from 1/350 lifeboats.

That's about it for now, working on the back panel where the rear window was, then the dash.  Real wire will be run throughout for a realistic look.


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    August, 2014
Posted by kylewoodyls1 on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 2:33 PM

Little more progress - rear bulkhead is finished, wire run, dash getting close.

A lot of scraping and sanding on this car.

Added a power plug on the passenger side and the box behind the driver's seat.

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    August, 2014
Posted by kylewoodyls1 on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 2:36 PM

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    February, 2003
Posted by dmcox1 on Friday, August 18, 2017 6:32 PM

I know this post is old and you're probably long done with this (haven't followed all the way to the end yet), but as an owner of an actual Delorean, I had to comment on one thing.  For a bit more realism, look at the last picture on this post, looking at the seats.  At the fron bottom of the seat, there is a square something - maybe a mounting point for the seat?  Anyway, in the real car, that looks like it could be the grab bar for the seat sliding mechanism - to move the seat forward or back.  It and the seat rails are painted black on the real car.  Just a small thing, but it would make it that much more realistic.

Now, to finish reading this thread and see how it turned out...


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