Removing Chrome-Plating

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Removing Chrome-Plating

  • Anyone know how to remove the "chrome-plating" from model auto parts?? My kit has chrome rims but I want to paint them and figured that painting over them may not work. The alternative is sanding of course but is there a solvent that would do it??



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  • Let the parts lay in an amonia-based household cleaner. I have no idea what makes you guys have over there, but you'll smell it! Usually the stuff the bath get cleaned with. Take out after 24hours (maybe more, depending on plating) and then I usually scrub it a bit with a toothbrush. Personally, I tend to use an old toothbrush... Big Smile [:D]Whistling [:-^]

    Anyways, it takes a bit of scrubbing sometimes, bit usually you get the plating removed very well. Rinse well, let dry and paint...
  • I just used Mr. Clean on the chrome from a Polar Lights Klingon D-7. I tested it on a sprue first, let it soak a couple of days, and all the chrome was completely dissolved, with no harm done to the plastic. Then, I let the kit pieces soak, and after a few hours, the chrome was gone. It did leave a greenish film on there, but I've heard that was a carrier for the chrome, and it sanded off easily.

    I mention Mr. Clean because it is easy to get in the states, and many people already have it. It didn't take much, either--I filled up a Model Master clean paint bottle with it. All the kit pieces fit in there, so it took less than a half an ounce or so.

  • Hey RODC,

    I've used "Liquid-Plumbr" with success. I think it's just really strong bleach, which also works I've heard. The chrome came completely off leaving me only to rinse the parts. Of course run a test first. Good luck!
  • I use a product that I picked up at the auto parts store called Bleech-White. It is originally intended as a whitewall cleaner for tires. I soak the parts in it overnight and run a toothbrush over them in the morning in the kitchen sink.

    Works great without damaging the parts or fuming up the house. Just don't get it on the carpet or your clothes!
  • Hey Rodc,
    The best way to remove chrome plating is to buy a gallon of (CSC) Castrol Super Clean-Degreaser ( not tire cleaner) Soak the parts for a day I use old platic margarine containers. Then scrub with toothbrush and rinse under running water. This stuff is non-caustic. But you must wear rubber gloves ( not latex)
    The degreaser will pull all the moisture out of your skin and dry it out to the point of cracking and bleedy. Sounds bad, but it's not. JUST WEAR RUBBER GLOVES!!!! That's all there is to it. Very easy and quick. It's the best stuff to strip paint and chrome plating. I personally love it.
    Another non-caustic chrome plating stripper I've heard of but haven't tried is simple green but you'll need to soak for 2 to 3 days.
    P.S. The CSC is only $6.00 at wal-mart for that gallon!!!
    Good luck
    Kelley Evil [}:)]Kisses [:X]
  • I use Simple Green to remove chrome, let it soak for a cojple of days, rinse off. It removes all 3 layers of the plating process, and is a good paintstripper as well, plus it is safe to use.

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  • I use Brake Fluid.. Works fast and very well.. Be sure to wash parts with detergent before painting..
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  • I just use plain ole Clorox bleach. Works in about 30 min or so and so far has not damaged the styrene on several different makers I have used it on.
  • All -
    thought the old standard was white vinegar?

    May take a while, but it non-toxic.

    Archer out.
  • I use Easy-Off oven cleaner, the original one not the lemon scented. It takes the chrome of as well as the gloss coat leaving you with bare plastic. Rinse under with an old toothbrush.WEar gloves!!
  • This thread is definitely the veritable "who's who" of chrome strippers!!

    What a helpful group of people!!