Scratch built 1:8 scale Fantastic 4 *** Fantasticar ***

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Scratch built 1:8 scale Fantastic 4 *** Fantasticar ***

  • I was backing up a couple of laptops of mine and found a couple of pictures of my 1:8 scale Fatasticar I built while working at Trans-FX when we built 2 full sized fantasticars for the Movie "silver Surfer" back in late 2006. It was one of the coolest projects I had worked on as I built the 1;8 scales for the sales samples and premier opening night,. As far as I know only the front section is still in existence. After all the movie hype was over, ... the front section stayed on a big wig's desk and the other two went to some execs kids,.To bad the movie was more or less a flop, ... otherwise they might make a kit of it in a smaller scale of coarse.

    I built these models before we started the full scales so we could see what the design would look like. Some of the stuff I designed went into the full scale vehicles and some did not.. The fans they did with CGI but for the most part, it stayed the same.

    Here are some pictures of the model and some of the full sized counterparts.






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  • Very cool. Thanks for sharing these!

    Krzysztof Mathews

  • Most impressive.

    I had no idea they did a Surfer movie!

  • Very cool Bill, thanks for posting these. I just can't resist any of those comic book movies, and I love seeing the behind the scenes goodies.

    Uhhh, that thing got a Hemi???

    On the bench: Italeri 1/72 Henschel 126; Heller 1/72 Curtiss Hawk H.75; Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Swift. And probably a cat when I'm not looking...

  • What a great project ...and a great career choice.  Too bad the F4 movies arent better. Jessica Alba as a brilliant scientist? I think not. And too much Dr Doom.  

  • nice work? no! fantastic impressive work! YesYesYesYes

    How you did the 1/1 Jessica Alba model? Big Smile