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Ribbets,Wivits,Bumpy Thingies and Owie makers?

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Ribbets,Wivits,Bumpy Thingies and Owie makers?
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Saturday, September 14, 2019 8:24 AM


        "A mechanical Means of uniting two or more pieces of metal.Usually applied Hot!" Now this is not what the doctor ordered is it? Models ,for years ( especially the larger ones ) were missing them. Military Vehicles being most noticeable.

     So, how were the missing Bumpies added? many folks got inventive and added thick Elmers in a line of dots, painting over them when everything was dry. Some even went so far as to cut off little tiny discs of tiny plastic rod then sanded after application to get the Rivety look under paint.

    Ship modelers didn,t really worry about this until they got into larger scales Say-1/72,1/200 or 1/32. Now this isn't too bad for shipbuilders. Except for expansion joints in say a Destroyer. We had " Doubler Plates" four different places on our D.D. Then there were tons of them inside and everywhere else!

      Now, how to do this easier in model form. As you are all aware by now there products out there to help in that regard. I don't remember which company made them ,But I have Nuts, Bolts and Rivets on pieces of plastic.They are molded in rows and at the end of the rows it says in Millimeters what size they are. These sheets are double sided so you got plenty.

      The other method is the Decal sheet. Much like it's Zimmerit counterpart and it's easy to use and there's a ton of them. You can get them in just about any scale size you need. Sure beats the Elmers or Rod method ,doesn't it? Well, I just thought I would mention them as Our new member from San Antonio and I had a discussion about them. He's known here as " All Things Armor". Wouldn't ya know? we both shop at Hill Country Hobby ! Bye!  Tanker-Builder

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Posted by Real G on Saturday, September 14, 2019 2:12 PM

There are also punch & die sets and beading tools.

The resin rivets on decal paper are great for long, neat rows, but for smaller areas the individually punched stuff works well.  Plus you are not constrained by the rivet size/pattern of the decals.

The beading tool makes dome headed dots, while the punch & die sets make flat discs, so both have their uses.  By punching different sizes using different thicknesses of sheet plastic, you can stack them to simulate bolts and washers.  It’s fun for a while, but gets tedious if you need hundreds!  That’s when you reach for the Grandt Line premade stuff that TB mentioned.

The punch & die sets not only have round tools, but other shapes like hexagons.  The are limited in choice of sizes though.  The beading tool I have has a LOT of sizes, and I can make a presentable shirt button on a 1/48 scale figure!

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Posted by on Sunday, September 15, 2019 6:05 AM

Real G
The beading tool I have has a LOT of sizes, and I can make a presentable shirt button on a 1/48 scale figure!


Are you referring to a diamond poger set? These are great for buttons, helmet rivets, rivets on panels, etc. They do not work as well with plastic sheet, but lead foil works perfectly with them.


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