1/48 bomber crew figures

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1/48 bomber crew figures

  • Hi. does anyone know of any companies making 1/48 crew figures (allied) to actually crew my aircraft (waist gunners, belly gunner, etc.). I think it would be great to see a manned B-17,B-24, etc. Thanks.
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  • Hi mminnie,

    Go to Greatmodels.com and do a search for bomber crewApprove [^] You will find some items that might be of interest to youBig Smile [:D]

  • By the way,Sign - Welcome [#welcome] I didn't realize this was your first postOops [oops] Welcome to the greatest forum availableBig Smile [:D]

  • Welcome, www.squadron.com might help too.

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  • mminnie,

    Maybe this is not what you want if you are looking for crewmen at work (in acction, I mean) but if you want some nice figures to set your aircrafts, please try to find Hecker & Goros (from Germany) figures in 1/48 scale.

    I remember Hecker & Goros has a set of US Bomber Crew plus several sets of US pilots and mechanics. About the bomber crewmen, I am not certainly sure of it now, but I think they have even one belly gunner... They are white metal figures, but do not panic, sculpts are great and detailing and casting is superb too. I have many sets of Hecker & Goros and no complain until now.

    You can try to find them here, my favourite 1/48 scale on-line store for figures and accesories.


    And I think SOL Productions (from korea) may have more bomber crewmen in 1/48 scale in resina, but much more Memphys Belle fashion, but I cannot confirmed it now, I may be wrong.

    Good luck!
  • Didn't the Monogram ProModeler version come with at positions crewmembers? Maybe someone didn't use them and would give them up.
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  • I think Verlinden had some way back...
    Come to think of it, the 1:48 Monogram B-17G I built came with some crew figures (just standing around). I am not using them anyway, nor am I planning to, so if you would like to have them you can send me an e-mail with your address and I can send them to you.
  • I thought Legends from Korea made both a 1/72nd and a 1/48th scale B-17 crew and interior set. I'm also in the market...Disapprove [V]
  • mminnie,

    I also have a set of the monogram figures in case you want more than one set I will send you mine alsoCool [8D]

    Let me knowApprove [^]


  • I thought I would bump up this old post as I have the same question.

    Any more recent current suggestions on where I might find a bomber crew?

    I plan on building a diorama with the crew and a 1/48 B24. My uncle was a gunner on a B24 during WW2.


  • Teknics on ebay is a good bet.Shown here is : Prieser , Teknics , Jaguar , Reheat , Eduard , Dartmoor , Monogram , Propaganda , ICM , CMK , Verlinden   , Gasoline , Tarmac , Legend .

    The 1/48 B-17 kits have crewmen in gunners positions. I have also seen p/e kits coming out for the 1/48 Libby

    Thank you ,Krow113

  • I'll second the suggestion to try eBay now, and I mean, right now.  I have a couple of Verlinden searches, filtered by scale, and there are a couple of sellers who have the Verlinden sets on a steady basis.

    You'll find some of the other manufacturers listed in this thread, too.

    Beyond that, I'd visit some of the dealers listed here, too, such as Squadron and Eduard.

    As for the Monogram crew, it was originally added for the Visible B-17, I think, and included in the Pro-Modeler boxing.  You might be able to find someone here or in some of the other airplane modeler forums who might have them and would be willing to part with them.

    Hope that helps!

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