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1/35 Canadian uniform Decals

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    November, 2005
1/35 Canadian uniform Decals
Posted by Anonymous on Monday, February 07, 2005 2:47 AM
I'm an aircraft modeler for a while. Now I want to do a 1/35 figure of a canadian infantry sargeant WWII "Régiment de la Chaudière. (Nemrod Kit N35045)
I needed decals (Dry or Water slide) for the Rank, Regiment patches and "CANADA" patches. I know rhat Archer made british Ranks (Same as CDN). but they don't have CDN regiment badge.
The figure will represent my grandfather who survives WWII and dies three years agoAngel [angel]
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    November, 2005
Posted by Anonymous on Monday, February 07, 2005 11:01 PM
The regiment you are looking for might be too specific, but try this canadian site:
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    November, 2005
Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, February 08, 2005 12:17 AM
Thanks, They have what I needed
Yesterday I E-mail that company because my specific regiment was not included on their decals sheets.

They will make a decal sheet for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Army Division somewhere this spring.Big Smile [:D] Now I will practice to paint good figures with my Hasegawa 1/48th Pilots & ground crew set then I 'll be able to make a good 1/35 figure!
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    April, 2012
Posted by NTC MP on Thursday, February 16, 2017 8:34 AM
I've been trying to find any British infantry decals 1/35 and have been unsuccessful. Tried as well as Quarter masters depot and e-mailed FSM, no response. Not very good with a computer or maybe I'm just not getting it. Any ideas please email me @ Thanks Bob J.
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Posted by Bish on Thursday, February 16, 2017 8:47 AM

Its not a big selection, but Archer has a few.

And you might stuggle to gtet a respoinse from the guys who previously posted in this thread.

''I am a Norfolk man, and i glory in being so''

On the bench:

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    April, 2012
Posted by NTC MP on Thursday, February 16, 2017 9:46 AM

Thank you so very much. Bob J.

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Posted by jgeratic on Thursday, February 16, 2017 11:08 AM

Unfortunately, QuartermasterDepot has closed up shop a while ago.

Archer is your best, and probably only bet.  I tried searching Peddinghaus, but only came up with a Canadian set:




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Posted by ecotec83 on Friday, February 17, 2017 4:59 PM

Here's a link for a Canadian company. They dont make one off decal sheets. But if you send him good samples of what you want he can do the artwork allowing you to print it yourself.  Plus he carries some interesting Canadian airforce decals in various scales.


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