Glencoe Disney Mars Liner

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Glencoe Disney Mars Liner

  • I first built this kit when it was produced by Strombecker way back when. I purchased a Glencoe kit  but wanted to display it in a different  mode. I always thought the rocket would have looked better with wings/fins. So to give it a 1950's look I added wings from an F-15 and tail fins from the scrap box. I painted it with Tamiya's polished aluminum spray. Originally the landing legs folded into the body but it was too flimsy so they were glued in place. All in all it was a fun, easy build and a nice addition to my 1950's "what if"  space era collection. 

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  • I like the new look. I might have to track down one of these and do it something like this but maybe with a different kind of wing and no national insignias.  Or at least no traditional national insignias.

  • Nice clean build, great mods that accent and not over do, well thought out, and the photography ain't too shabby ether.  Might try one myself, I love those 50's SF rockets and you captured it well. 

    the Gunp Cool

    / ]

  • Very nice build.  Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  • Extremely nice! Thanks for sharing.

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  • To all that took a moment to post comments, thanks for the kind words.  I usually hang out on the ship forum but I always have a soft spot for 1950's era (what if) spacecraft.


  • That's a nice build right there. The wings and tail parts really do improve its appearance, I think. Very cool. Yes