Fine Molds X-Wing / Y-Wing Fighter Painting????

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Fine Molds X-Wing / Y-Wing Fighter Painting????

  • Gday every one,

    This is my first post so I apoligise if this is repeated some where else.

    I have just recieved some Fine Molds star wars kits the X-Wing ,Y-Wing and the Falcon, Ill most likly start off on the X-Wing. The paint brand Im looking at for these is Tamiya Acrylic , has any one biult these models using Tamiya paints , what colours did you use. I want to weather these models as well and have come acros the Tamiya weather kits which one would be best suited for these I think there are 4 kits (A,B,C & D)

    Thanks heaps for your help.

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  • The Tamiya kits containing soot and gunmetal are great for sci-fi.I usually use Testors spray paints for Star Wars kits.They have more than a few light grey colors that are suitable.

  • There's a link on HLJ's page to an English instructions for the 1/72 scale X-wing. On the last page, it gives equivalences (in some cases mixes) in Tamiya paint colours.

    For links to the other English instruction pages for this kit, see the links on this page:


  • I've built both the X-wing and the Y-wing, with Tamiya paints. For the X-wing, I found that Tamiya Sky Grey works best, but looks too dark when used on the Y-wing. Look to photo references for better paint matching on that one. For the Cockpit/nose section of the Y-wing, I used Flat White over a base coat of Light tan.

    For the Y-wing's body, I suggest looking to Model Master--there are several shades of Light Grey acrylics that take weathering more realistically than Tamiya's Sky Grey will--especially since there is so much of it on the Y-wing.

    Good luck, and post pics!!

    P.S. I'd tell you the exact color name of the paints, but I don't have that info. available right now...

    Pics of X-wing:


    and for that Model Master paint; I used it on a Snowspeeder (1/48th from Finemolds):


    Good luck, and enjoy Finemolds' kits! I sure have.Captain


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  • Hello guys.

    Have gone with Gunze Sangyo Acrylics, has one got any ideas on what colour the fuselage is on the X-Wing would I be right on saying its flat white or is there anothr colour.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Copied this from the Studio Scale section on RPF (Replica Prop Forum) some time ago.

    They used mostly Floquil colors.
    So, the most common are:
    Caboose red
    reefer white
    engine black
    grimey black
    dark blue (at one time)
    reefer yellow
    reefer gray
    Other colors come to mind:
    southern pacific armor yellow
    depot buff
    boxcar red
    pullman green
    and of course all of the weathered colors.
    Reefer white-base color
    ATSF Red- squadron markings
    UP armor yellow for yellow highlights and stripes.
    the cockpit is a blue gray.

    also paint the model all black before painting it white.

  • drk75
    Hello guys.

    Have gone with Gunze Sangyo Acrylics, has one got any ideas on what colour the fuselage is on the X-Wing would I be right on saying its flat white or is there anothr colour.

    Thanks for your help.

    The instructions tell you to paint it Light Gull Grey, but IMO, that looks too grey. On the other hand, straight white is a little too stark. You might like to find some middle ground and try Gunze H-311, which is FS 36622, which is a very pale grey, but noticeably not white. 


  • Photos of actual studio models can be found here.

    You may also wish to look through the RPF studio scale forum where a lot of research is done and lot's of photos of works in progress are posted.

    In a number of threads alternative paints are discussed to closest match the originals.

  • Another thing: if it looks right, it IS right. Plus don't forget that there are so many EU color schemes that you can paint it pretty much any way you want. I've wanted to do the "renegade" Rogue Squadron from Stackpole's "X-Wing: the bacta war." Wedge has a black fighter wit green/gold checkers on the nose, Gavin darklighter's looks like a kryat dragon, and Corran's is green. Tycho's has Alderaan home defense colors, etc. You might want to check out some of the X-wing books if looking for alternative paint schemes, they ave much more pizazz than the standard red on light grey color scheme.  just wanted to throw that out there if you're interested. :)

  • Boba Fett

    Another thing: if it looks right, it IS right.

    That's a horrible assumption!!! This is simply not true! Just  because it may look right to your eye - that doesn't mean that it's right to either someone else's eye, or the actual product.


      REEFER WHITE is the colour that you're seeking. This is a Tamiya colour in acrylic. This is exactly what you need for the X-wing, Shuttle Tyderium, Snow speeder, Y-wing, Millenium Falcon, or any other white vehicle in the Star Wars universe.

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  • Well, when we're talking Star Wars here... The Rebel alliance/New Republic repainted X-wings on a regular basis, and there was really no "standard X-wing gray" color that was in use. If you are going for Screen-accurate models, then yes. You are very correct. But I'm talking in broader terms, projecting myself more "in universe" when selecting colors. It's a horrible assumption when talking in terms of making a replica of a model, it's a good one when trying to make a replica of a real, 1:1 X-wing. See what I mean?

  • REEFER WHITE is the colour that you're seeking. This is a Tamiya colour in acrylic.

    Actually, Tamiya does not have a "Reefer White". You would be looking at Floquil or PollyScale for this colour.


  • Look around Floquil Reefer White seems to be the go but is near impossible to find in Australia. I might spray the fuselage black and then go over it with flat white which seems to be the other option.

    Is there much of a difference between Gunze Sangyo Acrylic and Floquil Reefer White in Acrylic.

  • I'm  just about completing the AMT/Ertl X-wing kit and I used Tamiya Flat White with a few drops of Tamiya Deck Tan in the mix to warm up the base coat. After an oil wash and weathering effects it looks fine to my eye. I know it's not canon but I like the way it looks. Go with what you feel looks right.....then it will be right. Your the only one that has to be satisfied and I'm sure everyone here would agree that if your happy, we're all happy.

    Reefer White? What the F#@%&!

  • In an obscure corner of the web a long time ago, I read that they used a mix of Floquil reefer white and grime black. Since 1983 after the famous picture of George Lucas with all the FX models, many of the on screen props have been treated and curated as museum artifacts. I've seen in 2 occasions in the Twin Cities the SW exhibit. None of the models brought are white but a light shade of gray including the 5 footer falcon, the ESB Falcon, Blockade Runner, X-Wings and Y-Wings.

    Even if time have done the job of fading those colors, we would still see traces of white especially under the models where they are not exposed to studio lights or long hours of lighting from Halogen or fluorescent lamps. Many of the model kits from ERTLback from the 80's, feature movie stills from the studio props on the boxes and to my eyes, they don't give a hint of all white. I have pictures of the models shown here in MSP, unfortunately not handy right now. Just my 2 humble cents.