1953 Martian War Machine

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1953 Martian War Machine

  • The 1/48 Pegasus kit.  Thanks for letting me share.





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  • All hail hypnotoad! Oops! Wrong SF continuity! Never mind … The Martians had calculated their descent with amazing perfection and subtlety! Recalibrate the magnetic blister to emit a neutralizes meson! We know now we can’t beat their machines! (Remember, it’s not technobabble if it’s said by an engineer.)

    Huh? Occasional factual, grammatical, or spelling variations are inherent to this thesis and should
    not be considered as defects, as they enhance the individuality and character of this document.

  • Nice work, Banshee!  I really like the ruined building on the base.  I built a garage shop resin model of the Martian War Machine, years ago, but it lacks the interest that this one has.

    Computer, did we bring batteries?.....Computer?

  • How did you get that flawless metallic finish?

  • TD4438

    How did you get that flawless metallic finish?

    Ditto, what did you use to paint the body?

  • Thank you, everyone, for your kind remarks.

    There's some extensive puttly and sanding for the underbody seams and the eyestalk, so I primered with Tamiya Fine White Surface Primer, sanded progressively down to the micro mask 12000, covered with Model Master Metalizer stainless stell and misted with Testors enamel copper from the little bottle.

    Misted copper over stainless steel finish I learned from the Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, where another modeler used the technique to replicate what he saw as the finish from the movies. 

    Thank you, again.


  • Great job on the war-machine and I love the ruined building, rubble base. Somehow it makes the craft look even more deadly Cool

    Just because no one understands you- it doesn't make you an artist!

  • fabulous build. it just needs an appropriate background to tie it all together (and hide the mounting pipe)

  • Beautiful! Brings back memories. While other sci-fi movies of the time followed the same template, this movie featured unique alien ships that I don't have equaled yet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice

  • Can't wait to see it with the Dio all complete!


  • Nice work. Beautiful metallic finish on the hull.

    Metals area always a challenge for me. Your works inspiring.

    Gerry ...Young at Heart - Other parts slightly older.