Master of War (Halo 4 WIP)

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Master of War (Halo 4 WIP)

  • Hi,
    I recently completed a small vignette featuring Yoda, that you can see in the diorama forum or in more detail here:

    I thought I would continue the trend of action figure modeling, only this time with a bit more drama.
    I like to build dioramas using action figures. They are a nice size, generally have great detail, and are easily posed in certain positions.

    For my next project, I'll be using two figures from the popular video game franchise, Halo.
    I've taken Master Chief and will pit him against an Elite Zealot in a small scene I will title Master of War.
    Here are my two main characters and the positions I've selected for them.

    I hope you will follow along and let me know what you think!

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  • :) Nice job. I'm not good with figures, better with ships.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you're Yoda figure doing the grafitti! ha!

    Gerry ...Young at Heart - Other parts slightly older.