Glencoe-Mars Liner

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Glencoe-Mars Liner

  • Has anyone built the Mars Liner from Glenco?

    I bought this model 7-8 years ago and I'm just now trying to build it.

    The 3 landing legs on this thing consist of two halves that you glue together.

    As I was pre-fitting the pieces I realized all the leg halves are the same side!!!

    Two sides are marked "1", 2 marked "2", and 2 marked "3".

    Anyone heard of this problem with this kit? Is Glencoe still around to order replacement parts?

    I suppose I could buy another one but would it have the same problem!!!



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  • Try 

    or google glencoe models

    Don't know how responsive they will be, but they are still in business

  • the link is  The underline should be a hyphen.
  • I have a couple of these kits. None have the problem you described. I think the one you got was a fluke maybe.
    Model On!
  • Built one a couple of years ago. The sink holes on the body are brutal! All in all, it turns out to be a pretty nice kit once completed.