WWII US Navy colors and tamiya paint

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WWII US Navy colors and tamiya paint

  • Hello,

    I am doing a US Navy Minesweeper in the measure 32 design 21D. The colors are Light Gray, Dull Black,and Deck Blue. If using Tamiya acrylic paint would the matching colors be as such?

    Deck Blue = XF-50:51+XF-2:2

    Dull Black = XF-1:2+XF-2:1

    Light Gray = XF-66

    Thank You,


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  • I don't know myself, but I do have another solution, NON Tamiya..WEM colourcoast! White Ensign Models have designed a range of accurate colours for RAN, USN, and Kriegsmarine. They are specially manufactured and the only thing that would make them better would be a time machine. Barring that, their research and effort make these high quality. I know it's not what you were looking for, but...



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  • I concur, WEM are the best colors...... IF you can get them!!